About us

UPWEST is a startup that aims to be a reference the IT area. Our mission is to develop solutions that meet our customers needs as well as those of final consumers. We intend to streamline the use of technology to promote well-being, health, culture, the environment and sustainable tourism.

We believe, with the experience gained in the IT areas, that our goals will translate into a instrument that generates value and satisfaction for our customers.

Real estate

Tools that streamline, automate and streamline processes, while simultaneously raising the quality of the service offered and the satisfaction of the those who provide it. Remove paper from the process and speed up communication between the owner, those seeking to buy and the real-estate agent.

Proximity Technology

Out goal wit h the proximity technology is to promote outdoor activities and our culture by connecting technology, fun factor and physical activity.
Development of technologies that promote knowledge and satisfaction in the practice of recreational, cultural and sports activities.

The project

  • Headquartered in Mafra, Upwest is in the process of being created and is supported by the Mafra Business Center incubator, for which we aim to be “the Unicorn”, buzz word used often in the IT world. Aimed at other startups, we want to bring more technology, more economics, and above all, the best of what is made arround here is our main goal.

Contact us

For any inquiry, please feel free to contact us. We are at your disposal.


Mafra Bussiness Factory
Av. Primeiro de Maio 1, 2640-455 Mafra


+351 91 746 60 40